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Used Equipment for Sale

As a top Tool Rental Service, we stock our shop with only the best rentals on the market. Used Equipment is serviced and Ready to work. Stop in to get an idea of what we have in stock or give us a Call

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Shingle Cutter

Good old shingle cutters, When you need to cut the shingles there's no better way

shingle cutter.jpg

Felker Tile Cutter

This saw cuts tiles with ease. 7" blade sits in the water tray & no pump needed to break or clog.

felker tile cutter.jpg

$2.00 ea

Folding Chairs

Folding, Stackable Chairs


Oak Flooring Nailer

The Powernail Model 45 tongue and groove flooring nailer has been the standard of the commercial flooring industry for over 50 years. The 45 is a durable nail gun that is made in the USA and built tough to withstand everyday use. It is designed to nail flooring without splitting the tongue or damaging the floor surface. The 45 degree angle of the machine enables it to drive cleats at a perfect 45 degree angle into the tongue and then countersinks the cleat to the proper depth.


Wallpaper Steamer remover

  • The Best Way to Remove wallpaper!

  • Electric Wallpaper steamer, operates on ordinary 15A house current, draws 1500W, furnished with Medium size steam pan,  steam hose, 

  • Tank holds 1-1/2 gallons

  • Runs for approximately 1-1/2 hours on one tank of water

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