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Bobcat S550 Skid-Steer Loader 
If you’re looking for a powerful radius lift path loader in the 500 frame size, choose the Bobcat® S550. This skid-steer loader is ideal for dumping over a wall, backfilling or loading flatbed trucks. The Tier 4 diesel engine provides several additional performance benefits. Stop by and see the variety we have to offer today.



The possibilities are nearly endless.
Compact, yet highly capable, the 17G Compact Excavator do-it-all stands tall on a wide range of jobsites. In fact, it may well be the difference maker you need to put more opportunities within reach, and more profit in your pocket. Its retractable undercarriage and foldable blade narrow to just 3 ft. 3 in., letting you take hydraulic muscle to places that might otherwise require manual labor. 
These  fantastic Excavators are one of our most popular rental products in our Fleet. John Deere Excavators are loved by all of our customers for there great quality.  We have Three size options for you to choose from. Stop by our Tool Rental Service to test one out today. We’re sure you’ll love it.


Back Hoe/Loader

For loader, backhoe, and other applications, nothing beats the Kubota Loader/Landscaper Series tractors. Both tractor/loader and tractor/loader/backhoe merge power, compact or power utility size, and versatility to offer incredible performance when trenching, landscaping, material handling, and more.



Features and benefits

  • Steers effortlessly with the VZ steering system that requires minimal effort to the handle bars.

  • Fits into narrow areas with footprint that measures only 35”/88.9 cm wide.

  • Promotes on-the-job safety with an operator presence system that disengages the trencher and ground drives if the operator leaves the controls, in addition to a trenching cleat that restricts backward motion.

  • Elimination of the tail wheel on the track unit provides trenching depth control in uneven ground conditions and convenience to move through tight spaces. stop by Middle Island Rental  to try it out today.

stump cutter.jpg

Stump Grinder

Did you think you had everything you needed? Think again. Our Stump grinders are exactly what’s missing from your life. The self-propelled SC292 stump cutter is equipped with a 26.5 hp (19.8 kW) EFI Kohler engine providing full-sized power in a compact unit. Contractors can now fit into tighter spaces for more efficient stump grinding; with duals removed the unit is only 35” (89 cm) wide. Convenience and safety features include a hydraulic ground drive system, exclusive Vermeer Yellow Jacket™ Cutter System and operator presence handle system design that disengages the cutter wheel if the operator lets go of the controls. Reduce engine, drivetrain and structural stress in typical stump removal with the optional AutoSweep function that automatically adjusts the cutter wheel sweep rate.

Stop by and see the variety we have to offer today.


Pipe Puller

Insulated controls Enhanced operator safety. Separate forward/reverse and steering controls Separated ground drive controls from the steering control to lessen the occurence of inadvertent turning. 35.5" (90 cm) operating width Compact size allows increased versatility in confined areas.


Air Compressor

Rough, Dependable, and Quiet

The Kaeser M50 is a versatile portable screw compressor that offers heavy-duty performance in a lightweight package. It is well suited for many applications including sand-blasting, pavement breaking, and general air tool use. These units are built to meet the demands of rental houses, repair trucks, and railroad applications.

Both the double-walled, rotomolded polyethylene canopy and the solid steel flooring protect the motor, airend, and critical components from dirt, water, and other contaminants. The canopy is also designed to provide extremely low noise levels. Maximum sound level measured at 23 ft. is 76 db(A).


Branch Chippers

When no two jobsites are alike and there are unrelenting elements to contend with, arborists need a brush chipper that doesn’t just show up, but works. The Vermeer BC1500 brush chipper uses a precision-balanced 22.5” (57.2 cm) drum with two 5” x 8” (12.7 cm x 20.3 cm) A8 double-sided knives to chip through material up to 15” (38.1 cm). Powered by a Tier 4 final Cummins diesel engine, the BC1500 can handle the toughest of material with ease

  • Improved productivity with the SmartFeed system, which monitors engine rpm and senses jams, automatically stopping or reversing the rollers as needed.



One-Way Truck Rentals

Use U-Haul truck rentals to help you with your one-way move. With over 20,000 U-Haul rental locations spread out across the US and Canada, you can bet there is a U-Haul dealer near you. This saves you time and money when planning a one-way move. 

In-town® Truck Rentals

With local moving truck rentals, you pick up and drop off at the same location. This makes it a convenient option for a local move or local delivery. Truck rates start as low as $19.95 and if you need extended miles or days, we offer a best rate guarantee and special truck rental rates on our Cargo Vans and Pickup Trucks.



You won’t believe you went so long without renting these fantastic Lifts. Stop by and see the variety we have to offer today.



 We provide a variety of mowers for you to choose from. Stop by our Tool Rental Service to test one out today.

We’re sure you’ll love them.


Chain Saws

If you’re looking for the perfect Saw, look no further. Middle Island Equipment Rental has all that you could possibly need, and so much more.
stop by our Tool Rental Service to check them out today.



Did you think you had everything you needed? Think again. Our Trailers are exactly what’s missing from your life.  Stop by and see the variety we have to offer today.


Garden and Yard

There Are many items in the garden and yard Department. Aerators, Over seeders,Lawn mowers, rototillers, and much more! stop by our Tool Rental Service to test them out today. We’re sure you’ll find what you need.

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IMG_2008 2.jpg

Asphalt Rollers

The RD12 one-ton roller series features dual drum drive and articulated steering for extremely accurate control. Front drum vibration with static rear drum leaves a quality asphalt finish. Outstanding overall roller performance and a high exciter frequency allows compaction at faster speeds while still delivering even coverage and excellent results.

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  • These conveyors are medium duty and designed to move loose and packaged materials at inclines of up to 45 degrees. 

  • They utilize a 10 inch wide belt that travels at approx. 120 feet per minute.

  • Units come with a detachable axle for easy maneuvering once towed to the job site.

  • They also come with a detachable hopper to facilitate loading dirt onto the belt (not pictured).

  • Units are 120 volt electric.

  • They measure 12.5 inches wide by 14 inches high, and weigh approximately 400 pounds. 

  • On the job site, the hitch end is typically at the bottom, while the motor end is at the top, making access through a window hole possible.

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hilti coredrill.jpg

Concrete Breaking, Cutting, Grinding, Mixing, Drilling and More

There are lots of things we like to do with concrete. Drill it, scrape it, grind it, mix it, cut it, break it... we got it all!

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Log Splitters

We can help Choosing the best log splitter for your job. Whether you use it for splitting your own firewood or have a commercial operation, Timberwolf splitters can yield enough split wood to burn past your wildest expectations. And, each firewood splitter is built to last, right here in the USA., so stop by our Tool Rental Service to try it out today.

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Tables And Chairs

We Have Round Tables 60" to seat 8 To 10 people. Long Tables 6' & 8' for Buffett or seating 8 to 10 people. Chairs Also

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Snakes for Pipe Cleaning

We Have Snakes for pipes 1 1/2" to 6" in Diameter up to 50' long. even one for the Toilet! we'll help you select the right one & show you how to use it

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Water Pumps

We have a good assortment of Water pumps for all your needs. Flooded Basements, Parking Lots, Construction Sites.

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